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cGMP Bleach – Sodium Hypochlorite

Packaging & Availability:

– 1 liter
– 1 gallon
– 5 gallon
– 55 gallon
– 330 gallon
– 3,500 gallon tank truck



cGMP Bleach – Sodium Hypochlorite:

How are you currently cleaning your pharmaceutical production facility?

Are you using household Bleach –  bleach that is meant to whiten your clothes?

Your sanitization regimen could be ineffective by using household bleach.

cGMP bleach is manufactured and intended for use in FDA and USDA regulated facilities.  Hawkins Pharmaceutical Group is a cGMP manufacturer and packager of Sodium Hypochlorite USP. We tightly control all raw materials, production processes, testing, and packaging of our bleach so that you can be sure it meets your strict requirements.



What’s the difference between cGMP Bleach and Household Bleach?

Hawkins cGMP Bleach (Sodium Hypochlorite) USP
vs. Household Bleach:

cGMP Hawkins Bleach comparision 2


Shelf Life: The United States Pharmacopoeia dictates that Sodium Hypochlorite must maintain an assay of 4-6% to be classified as meeting USP. We’ve conducted stability studies on our USP Bleach and determined that the product falls out of the specified assay range in approximately 15 months; therefore, we assign a 12 month expiration date to our product for your protection.


cGMP Bleach (Sodium Hypochlorite) Product Sheets:


Revolutionary, Customized Processing

Using revolutionary, customized processing and packaging Hawkins’ Sodium Chloride ACS and Sodium Chloride USP minimizes clumping and hardening of materials.   (Sodium Chloride naturally agglomerates which causes it to become rock hard.)  The big advantages of Hawkins free flowing Sodium Chloride are:

  • You don’t have to waste time to break up your Sodium Chloride
  • No more damaged product  that occurs when you try to break it up
  • No more injuries that occur when you try to break it up

Sodium Hypochlorite

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